Our Associates

Independence + Delivery

We have the right people for your change requirement; including individuals with the expertise to restructure entire organisations or improve the effectiveness of leadership teams.  

Each of our hand-picked, independent experts, have found their niche in change management and stuck at it. Highly experienced in their particular specialism, they all bring an impressive track record of delivery and sharp focus on results.

We personally interview and assess every single individual we put forward so you can have full confidence in their ability to deliver for you.

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Key Change Management Roles

Please read through these examples to get a feel for which blend of roles will benefit your business.

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Programme Delivery Roles

  • Programme Directors

    For us, this role is distinct and not just a title for programme managers of bigger programmes. Large-scale programmes require the separation of delivery and strategy. Programme Directors are therefore responsible for strategy as well as executive direction and senior stakeholder management.  

  • Executive Change Leaders

    These are experienced functional executives who have been responsible for major change programmes in the past. They have a close relationship with the executive sponsor and directly oversee Programme Managers to ensure the programme achieves its goals. We call our expertise in this area ‘C-Change’.

    Programme Managers

    Lead complex initiatives with multiple work streams, typically across multiple functions. For example, a product development programme would include; risk and compliance elements, financial reporting, IT and customer service as well as the core product design and marketing elements.  

    Portfolio Managers

    Provide oversight and leadership to a portfolio of diverse stand-alone projects, rather than projects that are part of a programme.

    Senior Project Managers

    Lead a major stand alone project or a programme work stream.

    Project Managers

    Lead smaller projects, a work stream or piece of work within a work stream. 

    Change Managers

    Implement a combination of communications, process change and training. Their goal is to enable colleagues to absorb the change, improve performance and thus realise the benefits.  We often call these individuals Business Preparation Managers. 

    Business Architects 

    Provide an optimal business solution to a particular need by putting together a combination of organisation, processes and systems.

    Design Authority 

    An evolution of the Business Architect role, the Design Authority ensures that the multiple aspects and in flight changes do not damage the integrity of the overall solution.  

    Solution + Technical Architects 

    Solution Architects put together multiple system elements to create the IT application solution. While Technical Architects ensure that multiple solutions fit within the overall IT architecture.    

    Business Analysts 

    Our Business Analysts are highly experienced and often have a management consultancy background. This varied role can include; eliciting and documenting user requirements, developing specifications, designing and documenting processes, financial analysis and modelling.

Programme Governance + Assurance Roles

  • Programme Office Managers

    Provide programme governance and control, they lead a team to deliver integrated plans, manage risk, assumptions, issues, dependencies and prepare reports to steering committees. Highly proactive, they support work stream PMs and defuse issues before they reach the Programme Manager.  

    Senior Programme Office Managers

    Whilst most Programme Office Managers are responsible for a single programme, Senior Programme Office Managers increasingly provide governance across all of a divisional change portfolio, or even that of the whole organisation. 

    Programme Assurance Managers

    Conduct health checks and gateway reviews to ensure that programmes are correctly structured, governed and able to deliver to quality, time and cost. Rather than a pseudo audit function, they work most effectively when supporting the programme team to help identify and rectify shortcomings. 

    Programme Planners

    Put together the integrated plans and critical path to achieving the desired outcome. 

    Programme Office Analysts

    Manage programme support tasks including RAID logs, preparing reports and controlling budgets. 

    Project Accountants 

    An important role when the scale requires dedicated financial support. Typical tasks include controlling budgets, allocating costs between capital and revenue and tracking benefits.