Track Record

Proof + Praise

We delivered the experts. Our experts delivered the change.

For 15 years we’ve maintained consistent delivery and, together with our experts and clients, achieved many results we’re proud of. Here are just a few of them:

  • Retaining Employees in Tough Times: How we boosted morale and retained skilled staff during fluctuating change and uncertainty. … Read more
  • The Magic Dust Programme: How we delivered magical results, transforming leadership and culture at a major bank… Read more

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Speed Read Case Studies

  • Integration + Compliance

    We enabled a major bank to achieve compliance with the OFT’s Fair Lending Directive. This was delivered without disruption to their integration with another bank
  • Control + Compliance

    A+O provided several senior project managers and business analysts to invigorate a major bank’s AML programme, preventing heavy fines and reputational damage.
  • Capital + Risk

    Our risk expert led both a group-level and global-level implementation of Solvency II for a global insurer. This dramatically enhanced their capital allocation and fund growth.
  • Savings + Service

    We outsourced financial transaction processing for a global insurer. Delivering on time and budget, we achieved cost savings without any service disruption.
  • Synergy + Credibility

    Following a major acquisition, an FT100 insurer had extremely tight timescales for producing consolidated results. Our expert delivered right on schedule to preserve market credibility.
  • Divide + Conquer

    Our programme manager took control of Finance Transformation at South Africa’s leading insurer. This allowed our client to focus on stakeholder management and deliver successfully.

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