Finance Change

Drive Efficiency + Deliver Profitability

As a senior Finance executive, you face some of the toughest challenges in FS.  Analysts expect accurate forecasts and timely results. Regulators demand more core capital and balance sheet strength.

While cutting costs year on year, you still need to drive product and service profitability. On top of that, accounting and reporting standards are constantly changing.

We understand these challenges and we’ll do whatever it takes to address them with Finance Change programmes that deliver the results you want.

Simply Deliver

We put together the best possible team of Finance Change professionals for you and, under your direction, they will simply deliver.

We won’t come clutching our manual or telling you how to do it, as consultancies do.

With our expert(s)’ knowledge and implementation experience, along with our ongoing support and your oversight, we’ll achieve the goals you’ve set.

Finance Change Case Studies

We’ve enabled the successful implementation of numerous Finance Change and transformation programmes over the years. Here are three short case studies:

  • Savings + Service

    We provided an expert to outsource the financial transaction processing for a global insurer. From scoping through to tender and then transition, our expert delivered on time and in budget.

    Critically, they achieved the cost savings without any service disruption.
  • Synergy + Credibility

    Following a major acquisition, the challenge for the CFO of this FT100 insurer was to have consolidated results ready for a looming reporting deadline. 

    Our expert delivered them right on schedule, preserving the Group’s market credibility.
  • Divide + Conquer

    An A+O programme manager took control of Finance Transformation delivery within South Africa’s leading insurer.

    He implemented work breakdown structures, milestones and programme governance. This allowed our client to concentrate on essential stakeholder management. Together they achieved successful delivery.

What would take your performance levels to the point you would really like to see this year? We’d like to hear from you.