Risk + Compliance

Risk Out + Compliance In

We take the risk out of your risk and compliance programmes

As a Risk or Compliance executive, you’re in the hot seat in today’s Financial Services environment.

As well as facing the stream of new regulatory initiatives, you now have to do more with less. With complexities of risk now compounded by the likes of Solvency II and Basel III, you must keep your initiatives on the agenda even when your colleagues consider them irrelevant.

Get it wrong and your company could face huge fines and reputational damage.
Since 2008, we’ve seen the need for Risk and Compliance change management professionals increase exponentially.  In response, we’ve used our intelligence and experience to hand-pick the best people in the business to deliver for our clients.

With their leading-edge expertise and our ongoing support, you’ll be able to implement compliance and risk regimes that both satisfy the regulators and work for your company.

Risk + Compliance Case Studies

We've successfully supplied our experts for risk and regulatory programmes that range from AML, TCF and Basel II to full-scale transformations of entire Risk functions:

  • Integration + Compliance

    A leading UK bank needed to respond to the OFT’s Fair Lending Directive whilst integrating with another bank they had acquired. 

    Our compliance programme manager used his extensive experience and credibility to pull together and gain executive agreement to an appropriate cross-divisional response. He then drove its implementation using a small team of external resources, achieving compliance without disrupting the integration effort.
  • Capital + Risk

    An FT100 insurer needed an integrated view of capital, both for Solvency II risk weighting and improved deployment. As it was spread across diverse autonomous geographies it was quite a challenge.

    Our A+O expert had implemented Basel II in a similarly structured bank.  He led the group-level implementation whilst ensuring the sub-programmes around the world also delivered. 

    The group’s ability to optimise capital allocation and fund growth was enhanced dramatically.
  • Control + Compliance

    A major bank was concerned with the effectiveness of AML controls in their corporate division and the risk of substantial fines and adverse publicity. The programme in place was not making progress. 

    A+O provided several senior project managers and business analysts with AML experience to bring it back on track and migrate into business-as-usual activity.

    The Programme Director said: “Thanks for providing us with such fabulous people.  They have made a real difference”.

What attributes do you look for in a Risk and Compliance change management professional? We’d like to hear your view.