Expert Resourcing
For Specialist Functions in Financial Services

David Birnie
Adams + Oliver, CEO

Welcome to Adams + Oliver

Adams + Oliver provides the experts needed to run operations and drive change, whether organisational, regulatory or technological. Our clients and candidates span the globe and the challenges that they face are myriad. 

The hand-picked team at Adams + Oliver, from Client Relationship Managers to Resourcing and Talent Acquisition professionals, delivers solutions not problems. Current data suggests that there is a talent drought in the financial sector,  Adams +Oliver’s close network of Known and Trusted specialist Associates can help your business with the staffing challenges they currently face.  

Our vetted and qualified database of over 5,000 Associates and broader network of over one million connections means that our teams are in daily contact with the best talent this market has to offer.

Our commitment is to deliver the right people solution for each client’s bespoke needs. Speak to us today about how the A+O team can support you. 

Practice Areas:

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