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Lloyd Balfour, Client Director - Risk, Compliance + Financial Crime

Holding an M.A. in Social Policy and with 30 years of extensive Policing experience, the last 16 of which were at the Inspector level, Llloyd adeptly managed Critical Incidents and Armed Policing in Sussex.

Since then Lloyd has successfully transitioned into the financial sector, where he spent 7 years excelling in recruiting for Risk, Compliance, and Financial Crime roles at mid to senior levels within the FS and Insurance industry.

Presently, as a Client Director with Adams + Oliver, his expertise encompasses Risk, Compliance and Financial Crime across London and the UK, as well as North America and Europe.

With an impressive network of over 10,000 LinkedIn connections, Lloyd is exceptionally well-connected within the Financial Services and Insurance domains, underscoring his invaluable professional reach and influence.

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