Our experts drive our success

David Birnie, CEO

David has owned and led Adams + Oliver for over 15 years.  His personal philosophy is ‘be a good person and enable other good people to succeed’ and this is the foundation of A+O’s culture; be good at your job, have integrity, behave well, care deeply about the success of the people you place and the benefits this brings to their careers and the initiatives they deliver for our clients. This means we also collaborate and support each other internally, so the whole A+O team is behind whoever you are dealing with.

Prior to acquiring A+O, David spent 10 years heading business development for another recruitment business, achieving a tenfold increase in clients and sales by applying this philosophy.  Before that, he spent 20 years with IBM, in South Africa, the Middle East and the UK, leading relationships with several of their largest Financial Services clients.  He was the first account executive to apply IBM’s internal experts to client challenges, bringing specialist engineers and programme managers from IBM’s NASA support team to enable the implementation of a complex leading-edge software system for their largest UK banking client in the late 1980s.  This became the seed from which IBM Consulting grew to become its biggest business division. Recognising it was always the right people that determined whether technology or change succeeded was the ‘light bulb’ moment that led David to a 25-year career providing them to his clients, 15 of those as leader of Adams + Oliver.



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